A simple step-by-step guide on how to make a christmas wreath. It will make the ideal festive dressing for your front door this Christmas.

How to make a Christmas Wreath
For a simple homemade wreath you will need the following; a wire wreath frame, florist reel wire, moss, pine and other mixed foliage that can be cut from the garden, your choice of decoration including a ribbon of your choice.

1. Create the Base

First you need to tie the end of the wire to the frame. Next, make a base by using the moss. You can make this as full or as thin as you would like. You use the reel wire to bind the moss onto the frame. Make sure you go all the way round and do it nice and tight. When you get round leave the wire attached, as you will need this for the next stage.

2. Build up the Wreath

Place the first pieces of foliage on the moss with the bottom of the stems laying near the reel wire that is still attached, this is where you bind the foliage on. Lay the next pieces with the tops of the foliage laying on top of the bound bottom stems of the first pieces, bind again. Overlap the stems as you go to avoid gaps. Keep adding stems until the wreath base is fully covered. Again this is up to you how neat, natural or wild you make it.

3. Add the Christmas decorations

Your wreath should be starting to take shape, so now you can add your decorations. These can be attached using twine or wire. Add loops to baubles and other personal touches, then tie them on to your wreath.

4. Wrap up the wreath

By now your wreath should be looking wonderfully wintery. This step is really just for you to trim any loose bits and make it look fantastic. As a finishing touch, make a gorgeous Christmas bow using some fab textured or patterned ribbon. Or even hessian for a more natural look. Pin this on and it’s ready to be displayed on your front door!

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Christmas Wreath examples from Stems Studio:

how to make a christmas wreathhow to make a christmas wreathhow to make a christmas wreath